Photo & Documentation Upload

Before you start: Note: An active UTORid and U of T email address is not required for course enrollment. Important: Processing time may take up to 5 business days, as all submissions are reviewed one-by-one by a TCard staff member. Submissions with incomplete documentation or photos that do not meet our guidelines will (i) result […]

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Documentation Tool

Use this tool to determine the identity and legal status documentation you need to get your UTORid and/or TCard. What you need will depend on who you are, where you are and whether this is your first UTORid and TCard.  Return to Get your UTORid & TCard. […]

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Replace Your TCard

Replace a lost or damaged TCard You are responsible for the care of your card. If you lose or damage your TCard, the current fee for a replacement TCard is $20 CAD. Damage can include use of stickers, hole punching, significant wear on the card within a short period of time, damage to the magnetic […]

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Use Your UTORid & TCard

Your UTORid gives you access to: You can use your TCARD How to care for your TCard & what to do if it isn’t working Your TCard should be carried in your wallet, or another protective card carrier, away from other cards and vinyl windows. Don’t carry your TCard in your pocket or in your […]

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Get Your UTORid & TCard

Documentation requirements Use the documentation tool to determine the identity and legal status documentation you’ll need to get your UTORid and/or TCard. The documentation required will depend on who you are, and whether this is your first UTORid and TCard. Your documentation must be unexpired and original (digital or photocopies are not accepted). If the […]

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First, You’ll need to convert your JOINid to a UTORid before classes begin JOINid All applicants to the University’s undergraduate and graduate programs receive a JOINid, which provides limited access to relevant systems. Admitted students will need to convert their JOINid to a UTORid. UTORid The UTORid is your digital credential at the University, used […]

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