U of T Guide to Fall 2020 | Quercus Student Guide

St. George TCard is available by appointment only. Remote appointments available now, and in-person appointments start on September 8, 2020. 

TCard Services at St. George Campus:

Staff, faculty and students on the St. George campus, for whom a new/replacement TCard is a requirement (for access to buildings/labs, meal plans, etc. this Fall) will be able to book an in-person appointment via CLNx to obtain a TCard. A TCard is not currently required to access U of T Library resources (see below)

Newly admitted students:

Step 1: Submit a photo via MyPhoto, and once the photo is approved (you will get an email),

Step 2: Set up a remote or in-person appointment via CLNx.

If you are studying remotely:

TCards are not required if you are studying remotely. In order to activate your UTORid (which is the key to online resources including UTMail+ and library services), you will be required to submit your photo online and set up a remote appointment.

  • Appointments will take place via MSTeams (download not required – instructions will be provided before your appointment).
  • You will need your JOINid to login to CLNx.
At the appointment you will:
  • Be required to show your face via a webcam (for identity purposes).
  • Show your valid, physical/hard copy government-issued required documents.
    • Note: International students do not require proof of legal status (e.g. study permit) until you are on-campus. An unexpired passport is required to validate identity, during the remote appointment.
  • Have your MyPhoto picture verified by a TCard Staff.
  • Receive your UTORid Activation instructions.

If you are in residence:

Book an in-office appointment to pick up your TCard and to have your legal status documentation verified.

  • If you already collected your TCard from your residence, before the end of November 2020, you will be required to book an appointment in the TCard office to present your legal status documentation. Proof of Legal Status in Canada (e.g. Canadian, Permanent Resident, International) is required, once you are on campus, to begin studying at the University of Toronto.
  • If you have not yet received a TCard, submit a photo via MyPhoto, and once the photo is approved (you will get an email) book a St. George TCard in-person appointment via CLNx to pick-up your TCard.

If you are on campus and require a TCard:

  • Complete Step 1 above, and book an in-person appointment.
  • Show your unexpired, physical/hard copy government-issued identity and legal status documentation.
  • New students are required to present Legal Status documentation in order to receive a TCard.

Staff and Faculty:

Who require a new or replacement TCard for access to buildings, labs, and other services on campus will be able to book an in-person appointment via CLNx. A TCard is not currently required to access U of T Library resources (see below).

Replacing a TCard:

If you need to replace a lost or damaged TCard, and, you currently require it for on-campus access to buildings and services, you will be required to book an in-person appointment via CLNx.

  • Please note a TCard is not currently required to access U of T Library resources (see below).
  • You are still able to write an exam or midterm if you have lost your TCard.
  • Visit Lost/Replacement TCards for more information and on how to disable a TCard

TCard Services at Scarborough Campus:

  • The Scarborough TCard Office will continue remote services with UTORid activations through MyPhoto submissions and CLNx appointments. There will be no in-person TCard service on campus until further notice.
  • TCards will only be issued if they are required for use for the Fall term. This option must be requested through email from your Utoronto email address to: tcardoffice@utsc.utoronto.ca
  • If you will be living in Residence, please do not visit the office to pick up your card. Student Housing and Residence Life will arrange distribution of your card at your residence.
  • Staff and Faculty who require cards or a UTORid activation to successfully complete the term can make this request via email to: tcardoffice@utsc.utoronto.ca
  • Visit the Scarborough TCard-Registrarial website for booking procedures and additional information.

TCard Services at Mississauga Campus:

  • The Mississauga TCard Office will continue remote services with UTORid activations through MyPhoto submissions and CLNx appointments.
  • Mississauga campus TCard at the I&ITS Service Desk will provide TCards to new students who have completed a remote appointment, starting Thursday, September 3rd in the CCT link, entrance closest to the student centre. Learn more about Mississauga TCard.
  • All other users (staff, faculty, returning students, users who have lost their card) TCards will be issued or replaced on an as-needed basis for door access, meal plan, etc. Those requesting TCard issuance or replacement should open a ticket at the I&ITS Service Portal.
  • We are working with campus TCard stakeholders to pre-print student TCards for decentralized distribution.
  • Visit the Mississauga TCard-I&ITS Services website for booking procedures and additional information.

Library Services:    

A TCard is not required to access Curbside Services (if you have not picked up your new TCard yet, government-issued ID will be acceptable).

  • For access to U of T Library online resources, users require an active UTORid. Until you have been able to activate your UTORid, you can use your library barcode and PIN.
  • For access to your library barcode for requesting curb-side pickup, please contact Reader Registration. At the pickup venue, users who do not have a TCard can present other government ID.  + a Library/TCard barcode. If you require the barcode, please contact Reader Registration. 
  • If you are a staff member, faculty member, or librarian who does not have a UTORid but require library access, contact Reader Registrationto be issued this information, virtually.  Remote access does not require that a TCard is issued.
  • From September to December 2020, the libraries which are open on the St. George Campus (Robarts and Gerstein) will require that an active TCard be presented for access to the study spaces.  There is no access to the stacks in any libraries.  Until you have been able to pick up your TCard at the TCard Office, the libraries will accept other ID in order to check your status.

For Contractors, Temporary Staff/Faculty & Visiting Professors:

How To Contact Your Registrar Or Residence:

Other Questions/Concerns:

Contact the TCard office on your campus


All new students must bring in documentation validating your identity & legal status in Canada, to obtain your first TCard. To find out more information about what is required, visit How to Get Your First TCard. A TCard will not be issued unless your documentation matches your legal status.

NOTE: all documents must be valid and original (no photocopies or digital images accepted)


Students can log into ACORN (by using your JOINid/UTORid) to access many services, prior to receiving your TCard. If you were not previously issued a UTORid, you may reset or activate your JOINid here to enable course enrolment. If you activated your UTORid but forgot your password, you may reset the password here.

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On this website, you’ll learn about

Getting Your First TCard – How to get your first TCard if you are a student, faculty/staff, or visitor
Using Your TCard– How you can use and load money on your TCard
Lost or Replacement TCard – How to get a replacement TCard and what to do if you find a lost TCard

What is a TCard?

Your TCard is your identification for academic purposes. It includes your photo, UTORid, student number (or personnel number, for staff and faculty) and a barcode. It provides access to services and facilities such as libraries, athletic facilities, exams, meal plans, online learning portal, printing services, and more.

TCard Services Offices

TCard Services Offices are located on all three Campuses:
Downtown Toronto (St. George) Campus
Mississauga Campus
Scarborough Campus
Our Contact us page contains information on how to reach each office.