Policies & Administration

TCard Terms & Conditions

Last updated November 2023

A TCard is issued to qualifying students, staff, faculty and others affiliated with the University of Toronto, and is to be used only by the person to whom it is issued.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accepting and using the TCard provided by the University of Toronto (“the University”) you acknowledge having read, and agree to be bound by, these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”).

The University reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to you and without your consent, but we will use reasonable efforts to publish each amendment before such amendment becomes effective. We will ensure that the latest, fully amended version of these Terms and Conditions is published at tcard.utoronto.ca (“Website”). You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Website to obtain timely notice of such amendments. If you continue to use the TCard after the effective date of each amendment, you will be deemed to have accepted such amended version of these Terms and Conditions.

The University of Toronto respects your privacy. Personal information that you provide to the University is collected pursuant to section 2(14) of the University of Toronto Act, 1971. It is collected for the purpose of administering admissions, registration, academic programs, university-related student activities, activities of student societies, safety, financial assistance and awards, graduation and university advancement, and reporting to government. 

We collect your photo because it is needed to verify your identity for the purposes of academic integrity, safety and security, and community building in University classes. Uses of your photo could include exam invigilation, meal plans, facilities access and class composite reports.

At all times your privacy will be protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

If you have questions, please refer to www.governingcouncil.utoronto.ca/privacy or contact:

Assistant Director, TCard Services
800 Bay Street – 5th Floor
Toronto, ON M5S 3A9
(416) 946-8047, tcard.office@utoronto.ca.

To learn more about how the University collects, uses, and protects your information, please click here.

Once the student photo has been approved and saved to the student digital record server, any documentation submitted with the photo is deleted from the photo submission server within 24 hours.

Unapproved photos and associated documentation are deleted from the photo submission server within 5 days.

Approved student digital photo records are kept on secure University servers and are permanently deleted after three years of no registration activity.

Students who re-enroll after their photo has been deleted will be required to have their photo retaken.

Staff and faculty photos are not stored after the TCard is printed.

The TCard, including the photo appearing on the TCard, are the property of the University.

The TCard is used by University departments, services, staff, faculty/instructors as well as external vendors to identify you as a University community member and to validate your eligibility and access to various services and resources. Access to individual accounts and services is determined by the respective departments. TCard holders shall present their TCard upon request by a University employee, service provider or external vendor where required to verify your identity and status as a University member in order to receive such services and resources.

The name printed on the card shall be the name recorded by the University for official purposes.

TCard holders may not use the TCard for any illegal, improper or unlawful purpose.

The TCard is only valid during active employment; active association with a program designated by the Governing Council as a program of study at the University as defined by the University of Toronto Policy on Association, Admission and Registration; or active association as a Long-Term Guest as determined by the University’s Reader Registration Desk at Robarts Library.

The TCard is non-transferable.

Altering, falsifying, misuse, lending or selling a TCard is prohibited, and you may be subject to sanctions, pursuant to the University’s regulations, policies and procedures (including for example, the Code of Student Conduct, the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters), and may also be subject to civil or criminal proceedings.

TCard holders are not permitted to have more than one active TCard at any time. Any previously issued TCard will be rendered inactive when a replacement card is created and cannot be reactivated under any circumstances.

Photos of TCards will not be accepted as a form of ID.

TCards defective due to normal use are replaced free of charge upon the presentation of the card. Application of stickers, and/or punching of holes (for lanyard, keychain, etc.) on the TCard is strictly prohibited. Assessment of defect will be at the sole discretion of the TCard office. If defect appears intentional, or if the TCard is not surrendered, the replacement fee will apply.

You are responsible for the safekeeping of your TCard and must not lend or permit others to use your TCard for any purpose. If you suspect the security of your card has been compromised, you must contact the TCard Office immediately.

If a replacement TCard is required due to damage other than defect, or because the TCard is lost or stolen, then a replacement card fee shall be charged (“Replacement Fee”). No refunds shall be issued for the Replacement Fee if the lost or stolen card is subsequently found. The current Replacement Fee is $20.00 CAD (taxes included).

If your TCard is lost or stolen, you shall immediately deactivate any accounts associated with the TCard (e.g., TCard+, Library, Meal Plan, etc.) or obtain a replacement card immediately.

All lost cards shall be returned to the TCard Office. If your TCard is found and returned to the TCard Office, the TCard Office will contact you to notify you the TCard has been found.

The University shall not be responsible for reimbursing you for funds or services purchased using a lost or stolen TCard that has not been reported lost or stolen. Once a Replacement Card is issued, any previous TCards are permanently deactivated.

Cardholders must be currently registered/employed and present valid government-issued photo ID to pick up a lost TCard, or to have it replaced.

If a TCard is found and returned to TCard Services, a notification will be sent to the associated email address, where available, with details on how to retrieve the card. There is no fee to retrieve the lost card. Lost TCards will be held in the TCard offices for no longer than 30 days.

A new photo will be taken if your previous TCard photo is more than two years old or if there is significant change in your appearance.

As long as the previous TCard is surrendered, a TCard will be reissued at no charge to reflect (i) a notable change in appearance from the photo on the TCard (e.g., due to gender transition or facial surgery), (ii) a change of name and/or gender in the official academic record, or (iii) a change in status (i.e. from student to staff/faculty, or staff/faculty to student noted in UTORauth). Data changes must be in effect in ACORN/HRIS/UTORauth at the time of TCard issuance.

The University may confiscate or deactivate your TCard at any time, without notice to you, if you have breached these Terms and Conditions.

Your TCard may be confiscated by a University employee or any service provider who has reasonable grounds to believe your TCard is being used fraudulently, without authorization, for improper purposes, or in contravention of these Terms and Conditions.

All confiscated TCards shall be returned to the TCard Office.

If a replacement card is required due to a TCard being confiscated, replacement fees will apply.

Reactivation and/or return of your TCard will occur in accordance with the University’s, including its individual divisions’/units’, established practices giving regard to the reasons why the TCard was deactivated and/or confiscated.

The Terms and Conditions will continue to apply to any/all transactions at the time of termination.

The University does not warrant or guarantee (including any oral, implied or statutory warranties and conditions) the nature, quality or character of the goods or services purchased or accessed by you using the TCard.

The University is not liable for any direct or indirect losses, damages or expenses of any kind (including any special, incidental or consequential damages) arising out of your use of your TCard or the University’s issuing or deactivating your TCard, regardless of the cause of action, including negligence, and even if the University is advised of the possibility of such damages.

You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and release the University from any and all claims for losses, damages, injury, fees, expenses, charges or debts made by you or any party against the University arising out of your use or misuse of the TCard.

These Terms and Conditions, the TCard, and the Website contain names, titles, words, phrases, icons, logos, designs or graphics which may constitute trade names, registered or unregistered trademarks or service marks (“Trademarks”) of the University. The display of Trademarks on pages at the TCard Website does not imply that any license has been granted to you.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein.

If you are replacing a TCard issued prior to June 2018 and have stored value on the card’s external chip for printing/photocopying at U of T Libraries (UTL), your previous TCard will be retained by the TCard office in order to transfer funds to your new one. The chip on the card must be in a readable condition, or we may not be able to retrieve the value stored on the card.

Refunds will not be issued to funds added in error or balances upon leaving the University. Visit https://onesearch.library.utoronto.ca/copy-printing-photocopying for more information.

TCard Issuance Guidelines

Last updated July 2023

To specify the rules, procedures, and practices that will address the issuing, encoding, replacing, returning, and displaying of TCards for students, staff, faculty, and others who qualify for the issuance of a TCard. The University of Toronto establishes these guidelines to address those issues related to the use of TCards on properties owned/controlled by, or affiliated with, the University of Toronto. 

  1. TCard – The TCard is the name of the identification card issued to U of T students, staff, faculty, long-term guests, and other individuals who have an official affiliation with the university that is active at the time of issuance. 
  2. TCard Office – An approved location where the TCard is issued.  
  3. TCard Services – The main TCard administrative unit, located within the Division of Student Life (portfolio of the Vice-Provost, Students). 
  4. Staff/Faculty – A card category designation for full-time, part-time, and temporary appointed or casual staff, faculty, and librarians at the University of Toronto.  
    • Staff of the U of T Bookstore and the University of Toronto Press are NOT eligible for a TCard, as they are independently operated and not managed by the University.
  5. Student – A card category designation, as defined in the University of Toronto Policy on Association, Admission and Registration. Does not include short-term certificates. 
  6. Other Student – Students who do not have a record in ACORN but are defined as “Other Student” in UTORauth. This category includes students from: 
    • U of T’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS) 
    • U of T’s Postgraduate Medical Education programs 
    • U of T’s International Pharmacy Graduate program 
    • U of T’s Internationally Trained Lawyer’s program 
  7. Other Staff/Faculty – Individuals who do not have a record in HRIS but are defined as “Other Staff/Faculty” in UTORauth. This category includes: 
    • Postdoctoral fellows 
    • Staff/Faculty at Federated Institutions (St. Michael’s College, Trinity College, and Victoria College) 
    • Staff at Affiliated Institutions (e.g., Knox College, Loretto College Residence, Faculty Club) 
    • Staff at the School of Continuing Studies who do not meet the definition of Staff/Faculty above 
    • UTS staff/faculty  
  8. Long-term Guest (LTG) – Individuals who have a long-term (greater than 5 days) relationship to the University of Toronto, who are validated by the Reader Registration Desk. They are provided with a Long-term Guest account with a start and end date in UTORauth. If/when necessary for access to facilities/resources, a TCard is provided along with a UTORid. This category includes: 
    • Visiting Faculty and Scholars 
    • Research Assistants and Fellows (not in HRIS) 
    • Hospital Postdoctoral Fellows 
    • Placement students 
    • International Visiting Graduate Students 
    • Contractors 
    • Pharmacy preceptors 
    • Research readers  
    • UTL borrowers and associate members 
  9. UTS Student – A card category designation for secondary students of the independent University of Toronto School (affiliated with U of T) who are given the “UTS” affiliate category in UTORauth.  U of T email addresses are not issued as part of their TCard/UTORid activation process. 
  10. Initial card – The first TCard that a cardholder receives, associated with their specific current status (e.g., newly admitted student, newly hired staff/faculty, or new long-term guest) 
  11. Replacement card – A TCard that is produced after the Initial Card (e.g., due to the Initial Card becoming lost or damaged). 
  12. Valid government-issued photo identification includes (but not necessarily limited to) the following: 
    • Passport (any country or region) 
    • Canadian Driver’s License 
    • Canadian Provincial Photo Card 
    • Canadian Nexus Card   
    • Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada 
    • Permanent Resident (PR) Card issued by the Government of Canada 
    • Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card 
  13. Legal status documentation is documentation that provides proof of legal status in Canada (e.g., Canadian, Indigenous Person of Canada, Permanent Resident, International Student, Protected Person or Convention Refugee, etc.). This includes (but not necessarily limited) the following: 
    • Passport (any country or region) 
    • Canadian Nexus Card 
    • Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada 
    • Permanent Residence (PR) Card issued by the Government of Canada 
    • Canadian Birth Certificate  
    • Canadian Citizenship Card 
  14. Documentation Tool – Online tool available at https://tcard.utoronto.ca/get-your-utorid-tcard/documentation-tool/ to determine the specific identity and legal status documentation an individual will need to get their UTORid and/or TCard.  
  15. Newly-Admitted – Not previously registered at U of T  
  16. Service provider – Department or vendor that uses the TCard in order to provide a service to individuals affiliated with U of T. 
  1. The following outlines what is required to be issued an Initial TCard
    • Students
      • Must present Student Number/Letter of Admission/UTORid/JOINid 
      • Must also present government-issued photo identity and legal status documentation that is unexpired and original (digital or photocopies are not accepted). 
        • The photo in the presented government-issued documentation must be no more than 5 years old. 
        • Valid government-issued photo identification must be Canadian, otherwise a passport is required. 
        • Proof of Legal Status is required for students to receive a TCard and begin studies at the University of Toronto.  
      • All documents must be original and not expired. 
      • An initial TCard is issued to newly admitted students registered for the current/upcoming semester, and/or students who have not previously picked up their TCard but have a current active registration status, at no charge to the individual. 
      • Students who have been absent from the University for two or more years can also get a new TCard at no charge. They will need to have a new photo taken and provide legal status documentation.  
    • Other Students: 
      • Must present Letter of Admissions/Other documentation confirming their status/UTORid 
      • Must present Valid government-issued photo identity documentation. 
      • The photo in the presented government-issued photo identification documentation must be no more than 5 years old. 
      • Valid government-issued photo identification must be Canadian, otherwise a passport is required. 
    • SCS students: 
      • Must provide a TCard permission letter provided by SCS along with government photo ID (original/unexpired) that matches the information in U of T’s record system. 
      • Must pay a $20 issuance fee (debit or credit only), as a TCard has been determined by SCS to not be required for SCS classes. 
    • Staff/Faculty: 
      • Must present Valid Government-issued Photo Identification and a UTORid or personnel number. 
      • The photo in the presented government-issued photo identification card must be no more than 5 years old. 
      • Valid government-issued photo identification must be Canadian, otherwise a passport is required. 
      • All individuals must have an active status in HRIS. New employees can receive their TCard 24 hours after their official employment start date.  
      • An Initial TCard is issued to new staff/faculty with active status/contract, at no charge to the staff/faculty member.  
    • Other Staff/Faculty: 
      • Must present Valid Government-issued Photo Identification. UTORid/personnel number and/or a letter generated from their affiliated institution (this is also required for Other Staff/Faculty to have a TCard renewed or replaced). 
      • The photo in the presented government-issued photo identification card must be no more than 5 years old. 
      • Valid government-issued photo identification must be Canadian, otherwise a passport is required. 
      • Staff/faculty at Federated Institutions must have an active status in the Federated institution’s human resources system (connected to UTORauth). New employees can receive their TCard 24 hours after their official employment start date. TCard offices will not issue TCards to staff/faculty at Federated Institutions lacking current active system records. 
      • An initial card is issued to Other Staff/Faculty with active status at no charge to the individual.  
    • Long-term Guests
      • Must present a letter of introduction from their affiliated institution to the Reader Registration Desk at Robarts Library. The letter must adhere to the following: 
        • Written on a departmental letterhead 
        • include: 
          • Name, birthdate and email address of the Long-term Guest 
          • Length of their appointment/association with U of T 
          • Name and address of the affiliated department/organization 
          • Name and contact information of the representative signing the letter 
        • An initial card is issued to Long-term Guests at no charge to the individual.  
    • UTS Students: 
      • UTS Administration sends UTL a list of new UTS students who require access to library resources, along with a UTS-approved photo for each student. 
      • UTL notifies UTS Administration once the TCards are ready for pick up, at which point the UTL students can come and pick up their TCards. 
      • An initial card issued to a UTS student is currently provided at no charge. 
      • UTS students who require a replacement TCard must contact the UTS Library Director to make arrangements for pick-up. A $20 charge applies to each replacement card printed. 
  2. TCards must be picked up in person by the card holder.  
    • TCards are not mailed out, and family members, co-workers, or supervisors cannot obtain a TCard on behalf of another individual.  
    • Individuals lacking the required documentation will not be issued a TCard. 
    • If, for disability-related reasons, an individual will have difficulty waiting or standing in a line-up, they should let TCard staff know when booking the appointment or when they arrive, so that they can be provided with a place to sit and/or be served immediately. 
  3. Individuals should only possess one TCard.  
  4. Multiple Roles 
    • Those with multiple roles at U of T must follow the process outlined above to obtain a TCard and should do so based on the following hierarchy:  
      • Student (as defined above) 
      • Staff/Faculty (as defined above) 
      • Other Staff/Faculty (as defined above) 
      • Long-term Guest (as defined above) 
  5. Signature on the back of the card
    • TCard holders are required to sign the back of the TCard when it is issued to them.
    • A signature on the TCard serves as an additional form of verification that the person using the card is the rightful cardholder.
  1. Changes to the Display first name updates certain University systems but is NOT reflected on the student TCard or in a student’s Academic record. 
  2. Students: are able to change their name in their Academic records (i.e. System name) without legal documentation via their Registrar’s office. 
  3. Once students have changed their name in their Academic records with their Registrar, they must wait 24 hours in order to get a new TCard. 
  4. Staff and faculty: are able to change their legal name in HRIS by contacting their business officer or HR representative. A new TCard may be obtained 24 hours after the change has been made in HRIS.   
  5. In order to avoid replacement fees, an individual who has made a change to their name must turn in their previous TCard.  
  6. It is prohibited to possess more than one TCard.  
  1. If a TCard is found, it should be returned to the TCard office. Cards should be dropped off to a TCard staff person during office hours or into the designated TCard drop-off box, if available. 
  2. TCard staff will NOT provide student information to the person who found the TCard to coordinate returning the card. 
  3. TCards not claimed within four months will be destroyed/shredded. Lost and Found TCards will only be returned to students and staff who have a current active status.  

Exam Identification

  • TCards are typically used for identification at exams and tests and may be verified against the photo saved in the TCard photo database.
  • If you lose your TCard or don’t have your TCard with you for an exam or test, you can still write a midterm or exam. Bring government-issued ID, such as your passport or driver’s license with you to the exam.
  • If you don’t have any government-issued ID, you should still attend. Be prepared to have your photo taken and/or to be required to return and present ID to your department/registrar within a certain time period.
  • Your department/exam invigilator will provide more details on what is required.
  • If you have questions or concerns, contact your registrar or department.

TCard Photo Reports In ROSI Express

Several TCard photo reports are available in ROSI Express for authorized users, including class composites and student verifications.

Administrative access to student TCard photos is limited to approved applications and users.

Staff and faculty who require access to TCard photo reports in ROSI Express should submit a request to tcard.office@utoronto.ca, providing their name, title, department, UTORid and the purpose for requiring access.

Faculty and instructors can also request a class composite for each of your classes from your registrar or department coordinator.