Find Your Legal Status in Acorn

TCard Services will be validating your identity and confirming your legal status in Canada, so before visiting us, you need to make sure that your legal status in ACORN matches your legal documents. If your information doesn’t match, be sure to visit your registrar’s office BEFORE you come to the TCard Office.

 Check your legal status in Acorn

To check your legal status, login to ACORN (using your UTORid/JOINid) and click on “Profile & Settings” as shown below:

Partial image of Acorn account homepage

Then click on the “Other Personal Info” tab as shown below:

Partial image of Profile and Settings page on Acorn

Now you should be able to see your legal status under the “Legal Status” heading as shown below:

Partial image of Profile and Settings page on Acorn showing the Legal Status section

What happens if my legal status is not correct?

Please visit your registrar’s office and they can assist you. A TCard will not be issued unless your documentation matches your legal status.

My legal status on ACORN is correct. What documentation do I need to bring to the TCard office to have my TCard issued?

You will need a student/applicant number or UTOR/JOINid, plus your legal documentation (that matches the University records)  in addition to valid government issued photo identification. Visit the Documentation Required page to read more about legal status documentation and valid identification. All documents must be original hard copies and the information must match the University’s records system.

I don’t know what my JOINid/UTORid is, how do I get one?

Your JOINid/UTORid is your login name for most University systems, and would be been provided to you in a recent welcome letter from your department registrar. It is 8 characters in length and contains a portion of your last name, first name, and possibly some numbers. For example:  DOEJANE5. If you did not receive one or cannot locate it, contact your registrar at