How to Get Your First TCard

During the University building closure, TCard Services is not issuing physical TCards. New, registered students will be able to obtain their UTORids and activation instructions over a video conference call with a TCard staff member. Students will be required to present valid (not expired) government-issued photo identification. 

Please see the home page for instructions on how to connect with us.

Once the University re-opens, students will be able to pick up their TCard upon presenting valid legal status documentation.

Visit our documentation required page for a complete list of accepted government-issued photo identification and legal status documents.

If you are a Student

  1. Check the Announcements or Home Page for dates of when you are eligible to obtain your UTORid and U of T Email. 
  2. Submit your photo online using the MyPhoto system. 
  3. Once you receive an email stating your photo has been approved, schedule an online appointment with a TCard staff through the CLNx (Career & Co-Curricular Learning) using the JOINid/UTORid and password provided to you at application/registration.  
  4. Have your Student Number and Identity Documents prepared before your scheduled meeting. For a list of accepted Government identification, visit the Documentation Required page. 
  5. Activate your UTORid. To learn more about activating your UTORid, visit the Activate Your UTORid page. 

Note: School of Continuing Studies (SCS) Students are required to obtain a TCard Permission Letter from the School of Continuing Studies. Once submitted, you will receive an email response back (Up to 3 business days later) with your UTORid and instructions on how to setup your online access. 
You can request this letter directly from the School of Continuing Studies: TCard Permission Letter. 
SCS Students do not need to set up an online appointment with a TCard staff member. 

If you are Faculty/Staff

  1. Identify/locate your UTORid provided to you on the online services letter by Human Resources. 
  2. Activate your UTORid. To learn more about activating your UTORid, visit the Activate Your UTORid page. 

Faculty/Staff do not need to set up an online appointment with a TCard staff member. 

There is no charge for your first TCard. Replacement TCards are subject to a replacement fee. Learn more about replacement cards. 

If you are a Visitor

Visitors, if you do not have a personnel number OR your UTORid and are not entered through the University of
Toronto’s Human Resources systems but you are required to have access to U of T services, including Library services,
you will need to provide a letter from a University of Toronto sponsor.

Visit Long Term and Short Term UTORids for more information.

Will you have difficulty standing in line for your TCard, for disability related reasons?

After the September rush, there are not many line ups. However, if for disability related reasons, you will have difficulty waiting or standing in the TCard line, please contact We will book a specific time for you to come in and get your TCard so that you can be served right away.

You can also speak with staff at the TCard Office if you have arrived without making a specific appointment beforehand.

Thank you for helping us to help you!