Lost / Replacement TCard

Replace a Lost or Damaged TCard

You are responsible for the care of your card. If you lose or damage your TCard, the current fee for a replacement TCard is $20 CDN.

Damage can include use of stickers, hole punching, significant wear on the card within a short period of time, damage to the magnetic stripe or image.  

If the card is defective through no fault of your own, the fee will be waived. This can only be determined by bringing your TCard to the TCard office where it can be assessed. 

If you haven’t lost or damaged your TCard but want to replace it, e.g. to update your photo, you can obtain a new card if you pay the $20 replacement fee. A new photo will be taken if your previous photo is more than two years old. Keep in mind that you will not be able to review the photo before printing the new TCard. You will be asked to return your old TCard.

Steps to replace your TCard:

  1. Login into CLNx with your UTORid. 
  2. Select an in-person appointment for the relevant campus. 
  3. Attend the appointment. 
  4. Bring at least one piece of government-issued photo ID and be prepared to pay the $20 replacement fee via debit or credit card (cash not accepted). 
  5. If your photo is more than 2 years old, a new photo will be taken.  

Your new TCard will be active and ready to use for meal plan, library, building access and athletic services one business day after replacing it. 

Once you obtain a replacement TCard, your previous balance will be transferred to the new card automatically. If you purchased a meal plan through your residence and experience difficulties using your TCard the next business day, contact your residence office for assistance. 

If you find your lost TCard, you can’t reactivate it if you have already replaced it with a new TCard. You may only hold one TCard at a time, as per the TCard Terms and Conditions.

If you do not replace your TCard right away, you will need to: 

  • Report your lost card to the Library at 416-978-7694 or visit the circulation desk of any U of T library.  
  • Deactivate your meal plan/TCard+ account 
  • St George/UTSC: Report your card lost at Online Meal Plan Management System or by email or phone 416-978-1309.  
  • UTM: Report your card lost to the UTM Hospitality and Retail website or call (905) 569-4795. 

Writing Midterms/Exams Without a TCard

If you lose your TCard or do not have your TCard with you, you can still write a midterm or exam. 

If you require proof of enrollment for any reason, you can generate a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter on ACORN. 

Change Your Name on Your TCard

  • To change your name on your TCard, you must first change your system name by contacting your registrar, business officer or HR contact.  
  • Changes you make to your display first name via MyAuth will not be reflected on your TCard.  
  • Once you have changed your name with your registrar, business officer or HR contact, you can also change your TCard. In order to avoid replacement fees, you must turn in your previous TCard. 
  • You will need to bring valid government photo ID matching your legal name for identity validation only. 
  • For more information on how to change your name/gender on ACORN/HRIS, get a new email, and other resources, visit the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office website. 

Found A Lost TCard:

Drop it off at our office in Koffler Student Services Centre or send it by mail.

You can also email us and we will then: 

  • Contact the cardholder.
  • Save them from having to pay for a replacement.
  • Eliminate the hassle of transferring cash value from one card to another.
  • Ensure services associated with the card aren’t accessed by someone else.

For more information, please visit our FAQs.