Documentation Required

During the University building closure, TCard Services is not issuing physical TCards.

Activating your UTORids

  • To activate your UTORid, newly admitted students must provide documentation to validate their identity.
  • During the University building closure, newly admitted students can schedule an online appointment with a TCard Staff via CLNx to verify their identity (Step 1 Below), have their MyPhoto picture approved, and obtain their UTORid activation password.

Picking up Your TCard

  • Once the University buildings re-opens, students will be able to pick up their TCard upon presenting valid legal status documentation (Documentation Step 2 below).
  • Visit How to Get Your First TCard for more details on getting your first TCard.
  • If you require a TCard during the University closure, please email TCard Services.

Step 1: Documents Required to Validate Your Identity

In order to activate your UTORid, as well as to provide you with a physical TCard, we accept any of the following identity documents, so long as they are (i) valid (i.e. original and not expired) and (ii) contain a photo that is no more than 5 years old:

  • Passport
  • Canadian Driver’s License
  • Provincial Photo Card
  • Nexus card (Belonging to a Canadian Citizen)
  • Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada
  • Permanent Resident (PR) Card issued by the Government of Canada
  • Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card

Additional Notes on Required Identity Documentation:

  1. If you do not have the required documents, you will not be issued a UTORid or TCard.
  2. Valid government-issued photo identification must be Canadian, otherwise a passport is required.
  3. The name on the document must be the same as the name in the University’s records systems. If there has been a name change, a marriage certificate or other documentation supporting the name change, must be provided to your registrar (+ valid photo identification), in advance of visiting the TCard office.

Once the university buildings re-opens, newly admitted students will be required to visit the TCard Office in person to obtain their TCard and provide documentation to confirm legal status in Canada:

Step 2: Documents Required to Confirm Legal Status in Canada

Proof of Legal Status in Canada (e.g. Canadian, Permanent Resident, International) is required, once you are on campus, to begin studying at the University of Toronto. (International students at U of T this fall do not need to provide proof of legal status in Canada in order to begin studying online from their home.)

During the University building closures, and until you are physically (back) on campus, please refer to Step 1 above or the home page for information about obtaining your UTORid.

Students whose Legal Status documentation does not match their status in the University’s records system (ACORN) will be directed to their registrar’s office to correct the discrepancy before a TCard can be issued.


If you are a Canadian, you will need to provide the documentation to verify your identity (Step 1) and confirm your legal status (Step 2), which you can do through one of the following options:

  • Option A:
      • Valid Canadian passport.
  • Option B:
      • Your Canadian birth certificate**
      • One (1) piece of valid Canadian government-issued photo identification.
  • Option C:
      • Your Canadian citizenship certificate or card.
      • One (1) piece of valid Canadian government-issued photo identification, or, valid international passport.

Individuals recognized by the federal government as being registered under the Indian Act:

  • Either the existing Canadian Certificate of Indian Status or the new Secure Certificate of Indian Status card (SCIS) can be provided. The existing cards will still be valid until the expiry date has lapsed.
  • Band cards are not accepted as proof of Indian Status.

**Long form birth certificates are acceptable (i) if at least one parent is a Canadian citizen, and (ii) this parent was not a diplomat, an officer or an employee of any other international organization with diplomatic privileges and immunities, at the time of your birth.

Permanent Resident

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, you will need to provide the documentation to verify your identity (Step 1) and confirm your legal status (Step 2), which you can do through one of the following options:

  • Option A:
      • Valid Permanent Resident Card.
  • Option B:
      • Record of landing (IMM 1000)
      • One (1) piece of valid Canadian government-issued photo identification*
  • Option C:
      • Confirmation of permanent residence (IMM 5292 or IMM 5688)
      • One (1) piece of valid Canadian government-issued photo identification*


If you are an international student, you will need to provide documentation confirming you have immigration permission to remain in Canada for the length of your studies, to obtain a TCard:

  • International students studying at U of T for over 6 months:
      • You must show your Passport (non-Canadian), and valid study permit.
  • International students studying at UofT for under 6 months:
      • You must present your passport, along with your admission letter.
      • A study permit is not required.

For help with immigration documents or questions, contact:

Documentation Required to Get a Replacement TCard

If you are replacing your TCard, you will be required to present valid/not expired documentation to confirm your identity, as listed in Step 1 above.