Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On this page you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about the TCard.


What is a TCard?
Your TCard is your identification for academic purposes. It includes your photo, UTORid, student number and a barcode. It provides access to services and facilities such as libraries, athletic facilities, exams, meal plans, online learning portal, printing services, and more.

Who needs a TCard?
Anyone with a relationship with the University; including students, staff and faculty. Your TCard serves as the official card on campus for your entire University career. If you leave the University and then return, you will continue to use your TCard.

What is the difference between TCard and TCard+?
The TCard is the physical card, TCard+ is an online program for adding value to your TCard. The value can be used to make purchases at participating food locations & the UofT Bookstore. See the following websites for details:

Downtown Meal Plan

Scarborough Meal Plan

Mississauga Meal Plan


Getting Your First TCard

When do I have to get my TCard by?
There is no deadline to obtaining your TCard other than you must have current registered status.

What does it mean to have legal status in Canada?
According to the Government of Canada, having legal status means you are authorized to enter and remain in Canada as a temporary or permanent resident under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, as a Canadian citizen under the Citizenship Act or as a Registered Indian under the Indian Act. Temporary resident status is valid for a specific period of time and you must ensure that your status as a temporary resident remains valid while you are in Canada.

I was told by the Library, my TCard is expiring on October 1st. Do I need to get a new TCard?

No, the TCard does not expire. However, privileges associated with the TCard can expire. If you’ve been told your TCard is about it expire, visit your registrar to assure your current status as a student is up to date. If there was an issue with your status, & the registrar has updated your record, you can expect to see your privileges updated after approximately 24 hours.

I have been re-admitted to U of T and I still have my old TCard. Can I continue to use it at the libraries, etc. or will I need to obtain a new card?
If you have re-enrolled, bring your card to the TCard office and we will check that it is active, and if needed, a new photo/card will be issued. You will need to present valid government issue photo I.D. To learn about appropriate identity documentation visit Documentation Required.

How much does the TCard cost?
There is no charge for your first TCard. If you have lost or damaged your TCard, a new one can be issued at the cost of $20. If you are a returning student who has been away from the University of Toronto for more than two years and no longer have a TCard, upon verification the replacement fee is waived.

Can I get my TCard at one of the other campuses?
As long as you qualify and provide the required documentation, you will be able to obtain your TCard at any of the three campus offices.

Can I use a photocopy or scan on my phone of the required documents?
The TCard office can only accept original documentation. Electronic or photocopies are not accepted.

I don't have my student number; can you look me up by name?
The TCard office can only use your student number or UTORid to locate your record. Your student number will be located on your offer of admission or you can contact your Registrar.

Can head/face coverings be worn in TCard photos?
For identity purposes your TCard photo must show your full face. Hats or head coverings are acceptable only for medical or religious reasons and must not in any way obscure a full view of the face.

A full front view of the face must also be clearly visible in all government-issued photo identification and legal status documentation presented to our office.

If you wear a face covering, you will need to remove it for the photo. Individuals who wear a head/face covering for religious beliefs who prefer can come to the TCard office where they can have a female staff member photograph and verify the individual’s identity in a private setting. To ensure that a female staff member is available, please contact the TCard office to schedule an appointment in advance. Please visit for contact information.

For disability related reasons, I will have difficulty waiting or standing in the TCard line during the September rush. How can I get my TCard?
Please contact We will book a specific time for you to come in and get your TCard so that you can be served right away. You can also speak with staff at the TCard Office front door if you have arrived without making a specific appointment beforehand.


Lost/Replacement TCard

What do I do if I find a lost TCard?
Bring the card to the TCard Services office in the Koffler Student Services building, or send it to the office via campus mail.

If I deactivated my online account for TBucks or meal plan money, do the funds automatically transfer to my new replacement TCard?
Yes, Any TBucks or meal plan money that has been deactivated will automatically transfer to your replacement TCard and you can begin using the funds the day after you get your new card.

My TCard is damaged, do I have to pay for a replacement?
If your card is damaged, there is a $20 replacement fee. If it is defective, the fee is waived. This can only be determined by visiting our office with your TCard for assessment. You will need to present one piece of valid Government issued photo I.D when you obtain a replacement TCard. To learn about appropriate identity documentation visit Documentation Required.

Can I reactivate my lost TCard after I had already replaced it with a new TCard?
No, we are unable to reactivate a TCard once it has been replaced. If you have lost your active TCard, then you will have to pay a $20 replacement fee for a new TCard. Please note that you may only hold one TCard at a time, as per the TCard Terms and Conditions.

I want my picture retaken, can I get a new TCard?
We will replace a TCard at request. A $20 replacement fee will be charged and we will take one picture only. You will not be able to see the image prior to our printing the new TCard.

If I lost my TCard and it had a Service Animal indicator on it, how can I get that replaced?
You would first get your TCard replaced at the TCard Office and afterwards, notify the department you picked up your Service Animal sticker from that you will need a replacement. For additional information Service Animals & Support Resources, please visit the University of Toronto AODA office website.


Using Your TCard

My TCard is flagged. How do I get it fixed?
If you are located on the St. George campus, the Reader Registration Desk (located within Robarts Library) or the TCard Office can unflag your card. Please visit the location that is closer to you.

At UTM or UTSC, if the TCard office is closed visit:

  • UTM Library: Information and loans desk on the main floor
  • UTSC Library: Information and reference desk on the main floor

Can I have more than one TCard?
No, students may only hold one TCard at a time, as per the TCard Terms and Conditions

What is the Service Animal indicator and Where do I get the sticker from?
The Service Animal indicator is a sticker that is placed on a TCard that identifies individuals who are accompanied by service animals on University of Toronto campuses.

For students, you may register your service animal and pick up your sticker at the Accessibility Services Office.

For staff and faculty, you may register your service animal and pick up your sticker at the Health & Well Being office.

For additional information Service Animals & Support Resources, please visit the University of Toronto AODA office website.

How can I enroll in courses if I don’t have my TCard?
New students can access ACORN if they have enabled their JOINid. If you haven’t received your JOINid or instructions please contact your Faculty or College Registrar or the School of Graduate Studies.

How can I get a student discount for Go Transit?

To learn how to apply online for your GO Transit Student ID and get your discounted pass visit Go Student ID.

How can I get a student discount for TTC?

A Post-Secondary Monthly Pass is available on PRESTO. This pass costs the same and provides the same unlimited travel as a Post-Secondary Metropass. You must have your TTC post-secondary photo identification card to get your post-secondary student fare type on your PRESTO card and carry it with you when travelling on the TTC.

You can obtain a TTC Post-secondary Photo ID card at Sherbourne subway station or when TTC photographers are on campus during scheduled TTC Post-Secondary photo ID school visits.

Post-secondary students must bring the following when getting a photo ID:

  • Proof of full-time enrollment* as a post-secondary student in a recognized degree or diploma program located in the City of Toronto
  • One piece of photo ID
*Proof of enrollment: Your TCard will not work as verification of student status. You will need either 1) a printout of your current timetable, 2) a printed statement from ROSI, or 3) a receipt of paid tuition.

How do I board the UTM Shuttle Bus?
Registered UTM students are eligible to board the shuttle bus at no additional charge if they produce their valid TCard for verification at each time of boarding.

Non-UTM students and other riders are eligible to board the shuttle bus by purchasing a Shuttle Bus Ticket ($6.00 each way).

Shuttle Bus Tickets can be purchased at the following locations:

U of T Mississauga Campus:

  • Info Booth in the Student Centre
  • I&ITS Service Desk, Lower Level CCT Atrium
  • IB Ticket Machine (located at the IB bus stop) Credit card or exact coin, 24/7

St. George Campus:
• Hart House Hub

Visit UTM Shuttle Bus for more information.