The TCard is your campus ID card, which provides access to services and facilities such as Blackboard, libraries, athletic facilities, exams, meal plans, printing services, and more. Once students have their TCard, they are also able to enable their UTORid, U of T email address, and access U of T WiFi.


Loading cash on the TCard

Pay using your TCard!


Changes to TCard

As of June 1st 2018, new and replacement TCards for staff, faculty and students will no longer have a contact chip on the front of the card, and the digital signature on the card will be replaced with a hand-written signature on the back.
The updated TCard will also have contactless chip technology, which may be utilized in the future by services and systems on campus that upgrade their technical infrastructure. The encoded magnetic stripe will remain on the card and continue to be used.
Back of new T-Card